BMW post '81

(Mainly R80/R100)

Running a BMW on the road or track? Then this is the website for you – whether you need specialist engineering skills in the repair/rebuild of mechanical components, or a performance upgrade. And if you are involved in the ultra-competitive sport of Classic Racing, this is your pathway to a Championship winner. Since 2011, the first BMW home has virtually always been one prepared by Moorespeed!

Nearly all the products listed here are exclusive to Moorespeed: designed and developed by Richard Moore who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things BMW, and works to the very highest standards. Items not made ‘in-house’ are made to his specification by specialist companies (mostly those supplying the Motorsports industry) mainly within a short distance of the company’s base in Northampton. Absolutely NOTHING is made in the Far East.

Not a dealership

Moorespeed is not a Motorcycle Dealership: bikes are not bought and sold, nor serviced or renovated. But if you need an engine, gearbox or bevel box rebuilt, then this is where to come. Likewise, for cylinder head repair and overhaul or barrels needing re Nikasil plating. Indeed if any mechanical mishap needs sorting, then just call: there’s always a solution.

Performance upgrades for either road or track are a speciality. BMW airheads are strong units that respond very well to modern engineering design and they can be made to deliver high outputs with great reliability. BMW provides excellent parts supply for these classic engines, but where some new components are proving less satisfactory Moorespeed is developing upgraded components.

Not a shop

There are lots of products listed here, from valves to chassis components that enable you to create a genuine off-roader, but there is no showroom or on-line ‘shopping basket’. Why? Because we want you to have EXACTLY the right parts to suit your needs, and a five minute conversation can save both of us lots of time and money.

Highly modified 1989 BMW R100GS with ground-up restoration by Richard Moore using unique Moorespeed components and replica Paris-Dakar paint scheme. Tuned engine develops 76bhp at the rear wheel.


This long overdue revamp of the website reflects the way Moorespeed has developed over the years, with ever greater emphasis on increasing the performance potential and reliability of the BMW ‘airhead’ twins. The Yamaha Ténéré side of the business has been sold, allowing more time to be devoted to the development of new BMW parts, and the website has been updated and refined to make it easier to find the products and services you need.

Call 07827 018218

Please call from 4pm-7pm weekdays. Should your call go unanswered, then please try again. We cannot always take calls, but when you get through you will be speaking directly to Richard, not an automated phone system!

Alternatively, send an email richard.moore@moorespeed.co.uk: these will be read in the evenings.