BMW R100 GS Moorespeed Frame

Main frame bracing/reinforcement

The frame you supply is checked for integrity and straightness before being grit blasted to remove all the old paint. Laser-cut steel plates of our own design are then expertly welded in place at the steering head, swing arm support area and on the top tube/ rear downtube interface.

If you want to fit an oil cooler below the steering head (recommended – and available from stock), then the mounting lugs will be fitted. The bulky right-hand pillion footrest mount will also be removed on request. Finally, the frame will be shot-peened and then powder-coated in your choice of colour.

Price: £750 - 900 exc. VAT depending on specification

Moorespeed BMW GS modified rear subframe (sandblasted).

Rear subframe

A direct replacement for the existing subframe: versions available for the standard frame, or for the Moorespeed modified frame with long travel rear suspension. Shorter and much stronger than the original, it incorporates a neat rear carrier complete with bungee hooks and four mounting points should you wish to bolt anything in place. Requires Moorespeed single seat conversion.

To keep the ‘original equipment’ look, all tubing is 18mm external diameter, and lugs are incorporated to pick-up on both the rear mudguard (we have standardised on UFO plastics), rear indicators and for the Moorespeed stainless steel muffler. Supplied powder-coated in your choice of colour.

Our preference is to modify a R100GS Basic rear sub frame (the paralever sub frame is not suitable). The R80G/S uses a similar sub frame to the Basic, though thinner gauge. If you supply a suitable sub frame, this can be used.

Moorespeed BMW GS solo saddle.

Solo saddle

Your stock GS saddle can be slimmed, shortened, re-profiled to give a flat-top and then recovered with a suede top and either leather or vinyl (choice of colours) to fit the Moorespeed rear subframe.

Price: £150 - £220 exc. VAT

Moorespeed BMW GS extended swingarm.

Extended swing arm

These monolever swing arms (fit paralever or monolever GS) models have been extended by either 50mm (to match the wheelbase of a paralever swing arm) or by 100mm for those seeking the maximum rear wheel travel.

In addition, the rear shock absorber’s lower mounting point is repositioned on to the swing arm to give increased travel: either 260mm or 290mm depending on length of swing arm. A rear brake cable guide is welded to the side. Supplied powder-coated in your choice of colour.

Price: £330 exc. VAT

(Based on customers supplying their own monolever swing arms)

Moorespeed BMW GS extended driveshaft.

Extended drive shaft

Created by accurately jigging and then fusion-welding two monolever drive shafts together. Available in plus 50mm or plus 100mm lengths to suit Moorespeed extended swing arm. The modified drive shaft will then be shot-peened and fitted with a genuine BMW universal joint – NOT the aftermarket joint with grease nipples: these have a small cross and were designed for use with a steering column....

The shaft will now run in oil – so you will need the appropriate oil seal for the gearbox end cover.

Price: £300 exc. VAT

(Based on customer supplying their own driveshafts - two required)

Moorespeed BMW steering stem

Steering stem

For those fitting Paioli/Kayaba or Marzocchi 46mm upside down front forks, we can fit a new steering stem to the lower fork and supply appropriate bearings so that you can fit it straight to the standard frame. IMPORTANT. If fitting extended forks, then the frame MUST be (correctly) reinforced – this service only available to those having a Moorespeed braced main frame.

Price: Please phone for pricing

Moorespeed BMW caliper bracket

Caliper bracket

Machined from aircraft aluminium and then anodised, allows fitting of 320mm dia. brake disc to Paoili/Kayaba upside-down forks with Brembo calliper.

Price: £85 exc. VAT

Moorespeed BMW GS brake disk.

Brake disc

320mm dia disc available in either plain or wavy style. Requires Moorespeed purpose-built mounting bracket to fit Brembo calliper to 46mm dia. Paoili/Kayaba upside-down forks.

Price: £120 - £150 approx. exc. VAT

Moorespeed BMW GS handlebar risers.

Handlebar risers

These risers are a full 75mm tall, and are made of anodised aluminium. Why so tall? More comfort when off-road and you are standing on the pegs – but also if you have one of our modified seats with a ‘flat’ top, then remember you are sitting several inches higher than before – so your back will appreciate the extra lift those risers give you.

Price: £92 (pair) exc. VAT

Moorespeed BMW GS battery box. SVR Battery.

Battery box with SVR battery

Picking-up on the original battery box mounting points, this all-stainless steel item is designed specifically to suit the American SVR battery which we stock. Use of this battery box (and battery) is essential if opting for the 50mm extended swing arm/long travel suspension: the wheel will foul the standard item. Three different versions available to suit all R80G/S and R100GS frames.

Price: £166 exc. VAT

Includes battery box and SVR battery

Moorespeed BMW GS Takasago Excel rear wheel rims for offset hub.

Takasago Excel rear wheel for offset hub

Excel rims are regarded as the finest – and strongest – wheel rims available. If you want to fit a larger section rear tyre, then we can build the wheel so that the hub is offset by several millimetres. Now you can use a 140mm section tyre.

To achieve that offset and maintain the wheel’s full strength, we have the angle of the indentations for the spoke nipples altered to suit (in the United States). Naturally, this costs more – but it is the correct way to do the job. Be wary of any wheel builder who says it is not necessary (and check the bend in their spokes as they exit the nipple!).

And when we build a wheel, we not only use stainless steel spokes, we also use stainless steel nipples with a special lubricant on the threads – not the cheaper (but rust-prone) solution of nickel-plated steel nipples.

Price: £760 exc. VAT (including new hub and clear anodising)

Please note: The above (increased) price is due to BMW now only supplying complete wheels - you will be given the (unused!) rim and spokes to sell on eBay!

Can be anodised in various colours.

Renovation of your hub and building with clear anodised rim - £280 exc. VAT

Moorespeed BMW GS Takasago Excel rear wheel rims.

Takasago Excel front wheel rims

To match the Excel rear wheel and built onto a new Talon hub. We build these with stainless steel spokes and stainless steel nipples. Can be anodised in various colours.

Price: £300 each exc. VAT (including clear anodising)

Anodising in other colours is available at extra cost.

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Torque arm spacer

Normally, the rear brake pedal pivot is supported by passing through the end of the paralever strut – but this is lost when the monolever swing arm is used. This ‘cotton reel’ (machined from aluminium and anodised black) simply fits between the brackets for the paralever strut and gives the pivot proper support.

Price: £14 exc. VAT

Moorespeed BMW GS rear brake actuation kit.

Rear brake actuation kit

The rear brake lever normally points downwards below the level of the bevel box – making it vulnerable off-road. Our kit of parts allows the brake lever to be reversed, and includes a reversed-action for the brake cam, mounting bracket for the cable end and new cable (specify length of swing arm).

Price: Please phone for pricing

Moorespeed BMW GS centre stand.

Centre stand

More suspension travel front and rear means that your GS will ‘sit’ taller in future – so the centre stand will now not be long enough. Send it to Moorespeed, and we will weld in place new feet, add stops to prevent it being ‘retracted’ too far - and then have it powder coated in satin black.

Price: £110 exc. VAT

(based on modifying your stand)