Richard who?

Richard Moore is of the old-school in so far as he served a lengthy engineering apprenticeship – with a heavy plant company. This proved an ideal learning opportunity, involving being hands-on in everything from fabrication of one-off components through to working on turbochargers. Seven years later he had more qualifications than any other apprentice of his era, and set out to make a living from motorsport.

And he has done that at the very highest levels, from Formula 1 (including building the suspension in Nigel Mansell’s World Championship winning Ferrari) to fabricating chassis and suspension parts for the Mitsubishi rally team that notched up eight World Champion titles!

He also spent three years in Germany working for AMG Mercedes, and enjoys an excellent relationship with HPN due to this time in Germany and racing and building off-road bikes, and has also served as a race technician in the Paris-Dakar rally.

Work in the competition field is seasonal, so in his spare time he began performance-tuning motorcycles (with a particular fondness for BMW GS and Yamaha XT600 models) while maintaining his interest in cars through helping develop the Coventry Climax V8 engine, mainstay of Historic Formula 1 racing.

In 2006 he went full time with his Moorespeed business – and he’s been busy ever since, purely by word-of-mouth and trade contacts. With his insistence on the very highest standards of workmanship, an encyclopaedic knowledge of BMW twins and Yamaha singles, plus excellent contacts within the motorsport fraternity (helped by Northampton being at the epicentre of motor racing in the UK) he is steadily adding to his list of products and services on offer.

Richard Moore - owner of Moorespeed.