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To make a purchase:

We make things/provide a service – and are NOT a shop. To purchase any of our products, please call or email us so that we know EXACTLY what you want, can confirm likely delivery dates and make arrangements for payment. We prefer to take calls from 4pm-7pm weekdays.

Debit or credit card payments can be made over the phone. All major cards accepted except for American Express.

Any payments made by Debit card will be processed at no additional cost. However, Credit card purchases may be subject to a surcharge of up to 2%, depending on value. Why? Because 2% is the rate levied on companies by the banks. On smaller sums, this charge can be absorbed, but on large transactions it hurts! Please discuss – we can usually work something out.

To seek advice: call 07827 018218

Please call from 4pm-7pm weekdays. We will gladly offer advice, but will not give away hard-learned data to those wanting to go their own way! And lengthy email replies are out... We really do have a lot of experience of the models in which we specialise: a few minutes chat could save you a lot of wasted effort (and money).

Should your call go answered, then please try again. This is specialised business that often has to work to tight deadlines and every single aspect has to be overseen personally by Richard.

Alternatively, email – but emails will only be read in the evenings.

Rear image of the highly modified 1989 BMW R100GS with ground-up restoration by Richard Moore using unique Moorespeed components and replica Paris-Dakar paint scheme.