Free flowing air filter.

Free-flowing air filter

The standard air filter is quite restrictive – and the paper elements quite expensive to replace. With our design, a re-useable K&N filter is mounted vertically on an aluminium lid that fits directly onto the base of the existing air filter. The result is an extra 2bhp on a standard engine – more with a modified unit – albeit with more induction roar.

Price: £134 exc. VAT

To fit all R80/100 models since 1981, but please specify exact model as air filter bases vary



One of the few weak points on a BMW twin concern the valves: they should be replaced at intervals of around 40,000 miles if problems of excessive wear are to be avoided. The Moorespeed valves are a one-piece design (BMW’s are two-piece) and made from a stainless forging exclusively to our specification by a specialist supplier to F1 teams - and cost less than BMW’s own parts!

These valves (which are lighter than standard) will give far longer service life, especially when fitted with the Moorespeed valve guides as they run tighter tolerances that standard and the materials are ideally matched.

Please note that the oversize valves will need oversize valve seats to suit, and that to maximise their benefits, gas flowing of the heads is recommended – a service that Moorespeed can provide. Expect a gain of around 2-4bhp from the use of oversize valves/seats and gas flowing alone.

Exhaust: 38mm or 40mm diameter

Inlet: 42mm, 44mm or 46mm diameter

Price: Exhaust £45 (each) exc. VAT

Price: Inlet £40 - £50 (each) depending on size, exc. VAT

To fit all R80/100 models since 1981


Valve guides

For use with the Moorespeed valves, these guides are now made from Trojan (ultimate super strength copper nickel silicon alloy) for better heat dissipation, and deliver a long service life with maximum efficiency. Where the existing guides have worn the cylinder head, over-size Moorespeed guides are available – and a fitting service is available.

Price: £18.50 (each) exc. VAT

Over-size £19.50 (each) exc. VAT

Fitting: £10 (each) exc. VAT

To fit all 8mm stem valves.

Valve Springs.

Valve springs

Twin springs made from silicon-chrome wire, with titanium top retainers, imported specially from the USA. Recommended for racing use (high rpm applications) only, these valve springs are lighter and have more spring poundage than stock, allowing the engine to rev in excess of 8,500rpm.

Price: £270 (set) exc. VAT

To fit all R750/800/1000 aircooled twins

High compression ratio pistons.

High compression ratio pistons (std. 94mm bore)

Designed by Richard Moore in collaboration with Omega pistons, these high compression pistons offer the most cost-effective (and easiest) way to boost power. The dyno charts (see ‘Projects’) show the solid increase in both bhp and torque achieved simply by slipping in these new pistons – an extra 7bhp/5ft lbs for a couple of hours work! Combine them with a free-flowing Moorespeed air filter conversion, and gain an extra 1.5bhp/3ft lbs.

Please note: we only recommend the use of genuine BMW gaskets and seals.

Price: £350 (pair including rings) exc. VAT

To fit all R100 engines since 1981 – and will fit other models with head machining (call for details).

High compression ratio pistons. Free flowing air filter.

Plus 18% tuning kit

Boost stock power by around 8.5bhp, torque by 8ft lbs - and save money!

Kit comprises pair of the 94mm high compression pistons with rings, the Moorespeed free-flowing air filter kit plus two larger main jets for your Bing carbs

Please note: we only recommend the use of genuine BMW gaskets and seals.

Price: £472 exc. VAT

To fit all R100 engines since 1981 – and will fit other models with head machining (call for details).

Ratio piston

1001cc high compression ratio pistons (95mm bore)

Designed by Richard Moore in collaboration with Omega pistons, these big-bore high compression pistons can give a very flexible and powerful engine.

Using the same design features as above, these pistons give a couple more bhp, but an even greater increase in torque. Uses the standard con-rods, and your barrels can be bored-out and re-Nikasil coated (exchange service available). The standard 1000cc (post ’81) heads can be used, but to get the best results, Richard can machine the squish bands to suit, overhaul the valve gear and gas flow the heads… Just send your heads and barrels to Moorespeed and receive back a bolt-together kit.

Please note: we only recommend the use of genuine BMW gaskets and seals.

Price: pair of pistons with rings and clips £370 exc. VAT

Call for details of pricing for other work or parts required

To fit all R100 engines since 1981 – and will fit other models with head machining (call for details).



We have identified (and reported) a manufacturing defect in a very popular sports camshaft. Our solution is to now produce our own camshafts from the same original chill-cast blanks that BMW use for their camshafts, all using the standard followers with no re-grinding or hard welding.

We can now offer three camshafts for fast road/sport use. Please call to discuss your application.

Price: £250-£340 exc. VAT

To fit all engines with electronic ignition

Race clutch assembly.

Race clutch

The standard BMW clutch is fine – until you start to get serious amounts of power (75bhp plus at the rear wheel), or start to abuse it severely in conditions such as desert sand. Then, the (asbestos-free) friction material cannot cope with the excess heat that is generated – and the result is slip.

This race clutch uses sintered metal friction material, which retains all the ‘feel’ of the standard clutch, and which when used in conjunction with the heavy duty diaphragm spring, easily copes with 110+bhp at the rear wheel. In use, it has a slightly heavier action than the standard item, but engagement is almost identical. Would also be very suitable for those ‘overlanding’ and wanting the extra insurance of a ‘bullet-proof’ clutch.

Can be supplied with or without special diaphragm spring.

Price: Clutch plate & diaphragm spring £370 exc. VAT

To fit all R80 / 100 models since 1981

Programmable ignition. Programmable ignition – rev counter signal generator.

Programmable ignition

This crank-triggered ignition will fit the standard alternator set-up and holds two ignition maps that can be programmed to suit your engine (and its specific needs) with one degree increments every 100rpm....

Benefits are that it gives very accurate ignition for extra power with tuned engines, higher spark voltage (approx. 45,000 volts) and with the two ignition map capability, means that a handlebar-mounted switch can be used to swop ignition maps on-the-move. This means that if riding in areas of poor fuel quality/low octane, then you can switch to an ignition setting pre-programmed to suit.

Specially developed by Moorespeed for this application, with all appropriate hardware laser-cut and designed to bolt straight on. Supplied complete with high performance coil, plug leads, programmable box, switch etc. Maps can be supplied to suit your application – but call with details of engine modifications and intended usage. Small amount of wiring required.

Crank-triggered ignition unit can be bolted to a standard Bosch alternator, or a high-power unit as shown here.

Price: £672 exc. VAT for road kit (with charging system), £642 exc. VAT for race kit (no charging system)

To fit all R80 / 100 models since 1981 (earlier models possible – call for details)

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Programmable ignition – rev counter signal generator

Using our programmable ignition with an electronic rev counter (such as the multi-function digital electronic instrument panel we supply) can cause erratic rpm readings. This signal generator is the size of a matchbox and cures the problem.

Fitting of the CDI box and coil is very neat on the laser-cut brackets. The unit is fully programmable and holds two ignition maps which can be changed on the move – each offering the facility to advance the ignition by one degree every 100rpm.

Price: £98 exc. VAT

To fit all R80 / 100 models since 1981

Bing carb modifications.

Bing carb modifications

Your Bing carbs can be converted to manual choke operation: ideal for racing applications as there are no cables to get snagged and there’s a useful weight saving. In addition, Bing carbs can be reworked to improve air flow quite substantially. If this is required, the carbs will be totally overhauled at the same time – including ultra-sonic cleaning, acid-dipped and fitted with new O-rings and seals throughout. An anodised blanking plate can be supplied to replace the choke lever. In addition, Bing carbs can be reworked to improve air flow quite substantially.

Manual choke operation Blanking plate: price £8 (each) exc. VAT

Reworked to improve airflow and overhauled: price £190 (pair) exc. VAT

Dell Orto

Dell’Orto PHM carburettors

These 38mm units give improved throttle response and slightly better overall power than the standard Bing carbs, but the biggest advantage is the far greater adjustability possible from the wide variety of needle and jet combinations.

Though they come with accelerator pumps, we recommend disconnecting these for better acceleration. Normally we clamp these carbs directly onto spigots (like with the R90S model) which we make for post ’87 heads, rather than mounting them on rubber – which tend to drop down causing misalignment.

Price: £210 exc. VAT

To fit all R80 / 100 models since 1981

Pair special inlet stubs for post ’87 heads price: £84 exc. VAT

Rally deep sump components.

Rally deep sump

For race or heavy-duty use, this extra deep sump has been cut by water-jet from alloy sheet, and boosts oil capacity to approximately 2.8 litres. Supplied complete with latest generation strainer (modified) with baffle to retain oil in the pick-up pipe. Also supplied with a bash plate which is a full 6mm thick, plus two gaskets and complete set of stainless steel countersunk allen screws.

Price: £320 exc. VAT

To fit all R80 / 100 models since 1981

Oil cooler.

Oil cooler

The oil cooler fitted as standard to the R100GS is a useful addition – but is very vulnerable when fitted to the engine bar, and all too often the feed pipes corrode onto the main body, making their removal impossible.

Our top quality oil cooler - available as 7-row or 10-row - mounts either to the separate brackets used by the RT under the headstock (not supplied), or if you opt for the Moorespeed braced chassis, to solid mounts provided under the headstock. Supplied complete with all fittings.

7-row radiator with all fittings - Price: £290 exc. VAT

10-row radiator with all fittings - Price: £320 exc. VAT

To fit all R80 / 100 models since 1981

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Oil pump outer rotor

The BMW OE oil pump commonly available (now made in China) has an outer rotor that is no longer an extrusion as was originally used – and its clearances are outside the manufacturer’s stated tolerances…

Our solution is to provide a high quality outer roter all machined, ground and wire eroded in the UK which will ensure a steady, consistent, supply of lubricant.

Price: £138 exc. VAT

To fit all air cooled twin cylinder engines

Re-Nikasil Service.

Re-Nikasil service

Your worn barrels can be re-Nikasil coated to suit any piston size, and will be returned bead-blasted to an as-new finish. Can be fitted with stainless steel pushrod tubes if required.

Price: £126 exc. VAT

To suit all BMW aircooled engines.

Moorespeed BMW GS gears.

Update early gearbox/repair late type

Enjoy a lower first ratio (minus 5%) and higher fifth gear (plus 5%).

A 5th gear is available for the layshaft with a 17.5 degree helical to repair a late layshaft or upgrade an early (15 degree) layshaft.

BMW will not supply the standard 5th gear for the layshaft – just the complete shaft with all the gears on, a much more expensive solution.

Price: Please phone for pricing